BlogAmp FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I just installed BlogAmp and followed the instructions, but it still doesn't work!

You can try two things.

First, verify your username and password. Check if you didn't mistype your password. If it's typed incorrectly, BlogAmp will be unable to stablish an FTP connection.

If, after you try this, BlogAmp is still not working, check if the playlist.js file is being uploaded to the correct directory. The Remote Filename field must have the complete path information of the remote file.

It's important to notice that in some hosts the FTP directory is not the same as the HTTP directory. My personal weblog, for instance, is located at The FTP server that I must connect is But the location of my main page in the FTP server is / So, to use BlogAmp in my personal weblog, I must type / in the Remote Filename field.

This can be different in other webhosts. Some store the website in the /www/ directory, so you would have to type /www/playlist.js in the Remote Filename field.

2. BlogAmp works fine with me, but it doesn't save my password, so everytime I restart Winamp I have to open the BlogAmp preferences and retype it.

You are probably using the 0.23 version, or earlier. This version had a bug and passwords with eight or less characters would not be saved. Just upgrade to the latest version and this problem will disappear.

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